I’m not dead! I just had school!

Greetings, interwebs!

I’m back! And I’ve officially finished my last year at school! *cheering and applause* 😀
SO that means that I can finally start blogging for real! Like, weekly if possible!

I feel like I’ve made promises and broken them in the past about updating this blog, but let’s wipe the invisible slate clean and start over. 🙂 I’m going to try and keep this blog updated weekly for at least a few months and see if it picks up any traction… if not, then I shall decide its fate. 😉

So post in the comments what you’d like to see on this blog! Else y’all will be stuck with whatever I decide to write up. 😛




Quick! Retrieve your wallets! The GTH boxed pre-orders are running low!

The official word from HeR:

Three convenient links, choose your favourite:




GTH Info Post!

Hello blog readers! (Of which there are none at this time)

You may be wondering… what is the new ND game about? Where is is set? Or even what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow when does the game actually come out?

All these questions and more are answered below…

When does it come out?

May 14th, 2013 but pre-orders start on April 9th. If you preorder, you get a special version of the game called the ‘Bonus edition’ which has a bunch of extra goodies like minigames on your in-game phone, more outtakes, a hidden phone charm and more! (See the official GTH product page for more info)

Why should I buy this game? Why should I trust you that it will be a good game?

Trust me, this game will live up to the hype. Why should you trust me? Because of HeR’s unbelievably good track record of quality entertainment that’s why. The proof is in the pudding!

Scary? It’s Nancy Drew, how can that be scary?

This is how. (Contains a spoiler from Shadow at the Water’s Edge) GTH is supposed to be scarier than SAW, so if HeR beats that mirror scene, i’m sure you see how it can be scary. 😛

Enough inane babble you fool! You know why we’re all here!

Uhh… I don’t think I do…

*Sigh* we all want to know what this new game’s about!

Oh how silly of me, of course! Well, since I’m lazy, here’s GTH’s synopsis I stole from the official product page: 

Jessalyn Thornton’s fateful sleepover at the abandoned Thornton estate was supposed to be a pre-wedding celebration, but the fun ended when she disappeared. While her family searches for clues, others refuse to speak about the estate’s dark past. Did something supernatural happen to Jessalyn, or is someone in Thornton Hall holding something besides family secrets?

I don’t know about you, but i’m already scared…


HEY! I bet you at least got some chills from reading that!

I guess…

Knew it.

Enough chit chat!  Do you have any other cool news about GTH?

Only some boring old… SCREENSHOTS!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m excited for GTH.


Welcome to the ultimate Nancy Drew games fan blog

Greetings fellow ND gamers!

I’m Tim, I’m a normal teenage guy who likes ND games. 😀

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me answer some questions you may have:

1. Why are you making this blog?

A. Because I can! Also because I like HeR and their games and a blog about them should be fun to write.

2. What’s going to be on this blog?

A. Upcoming game info, some interviews with people at HeR (maybe) if I ever get readers and if HeR are willing. I might make a video or two, maybe a few fan interviews (again, if I get readers) and a bunch of other goodies. 😀

3. Why do you play Nancy Drew games? Don’t most guys like blowing things up and surviving zombie apocalypses?

A. I don’t mind blowing things up and surviving zombie apocalypses, but I’d much prefer to solve puzzles, have a good story told to me and sometimes learn some interesting stuff in the process. (I also like games like Myst, DoTT, Maniac Mansion, Grim Fandango, Monkey Island, Psychonauts and other awesome adventure games).

4. What if nobody reads this blog?

A. Then I will be talking to myself and I will be clinically mad.

So I hope everyone enjoys this blog! I know I will.