Tim (a.k.a Safecracker) is a crazy teenage guy who lives in the house down the road from the fish and chip shop where he once tried to get a job but the kicked him out on the first day on account of not being 18 years old which is how old they wanted their new employee to be and they thought that he said he was 18 at the interview even though he wasn’t so now he’s stuck mowing lawns to make just a little bit of money to fund his game collection because he couldn’t live without his game collection actually he probably could LIVE but that’s about it and then what’s the point of living just for the sake of living you gotta have something in life to live for and since he doesn’t have a girlfriend to take to the movies he’s stuck with his scratched up laptop and a jar of m&ms to keep him company.

He enjoys telling people off for writing long sentences and being hypocritical.

EDITOR’S NOTE: He’s also clinically insane, but don’t tell him I said that.


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